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Do you listen to music while you’re writing or reading? I do. Lots and lots of music. The music has to fit the mood, of course, and that’s why I wanted to drop a short list of places where you can listen to and create your own music playlists.

8tracks: My favorite site to listen to and create playlists. Just enter keywords and you’re shown an entire list of compilations that will be the perfect fit for your mood. Or create your own playlists and keep whole files of creative listens.

Google Play Music: Have a Gmail account? Get one 😉 ! A free account will allow you access to “curated radio for anything you want to hear” and even allows you to store a massive amount of music on an iTunes account. With a paid account, you have access to more options, like on-demand and music downloads.  

Rainy Mood and Coffitivity:  Okay, these two aren’t music sites, but instead are ambient. Rainy Mood gives you exactly what their name says – rainy moods. I especially love this site when music doesn’t cut it, and I need either a fresh or more somber listen. Coffitivity offers cafe sounds, which to me is the sweetest music of all *serious face*. Their “Cafe Library” has several different selections, and each is perfect if you love that coffee shop feeling.

Whether you’re reading or writing, or just in the mood for a great tune, any one of these three sites will be a perfect fit!

Do you listen to music or ambient sounds to help set the mood when you’re writing or reading?

Take care and be kind ☆彡

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